[Important] Notice of the Installation of Credit Card Identity Authentication Service “3D Secure 2.0”

Thank you for supporting SWITCHBLADE as always.

Due to the increasing number of victims of credit card fraud in the online shopping, we are here to announce that we are planning to install the credit card identity authentication service
3D Secure 2.0for credit card payment at SWITCHBLADE in order to provide our customers with a more secure and reliable shopping experience.

*Due to the installation of “3D Secure 2.0”, the credit cards you have registered may not be available.
 In such a case,please register your credit card again by entering your credit card information. Sorry for the inconvenience.
*Credit cards that do not support “3D Secure 2.0” cannot be used.Please check with your credit card issuer.
*The method of identity authentication and the way how to proceed the identity authentication differs depending on the credit card company. Please check with your card issuer for details.
*Even if identity verification is completed, credit may not be approved depending on the customer's credit card usage.


▼What is “3D Secure 2.0”?
This service is designed to make credit card online payments more secure.
The identity authentication is based on the card user's payment information.
Most of the transactions are authenticated without additional authentication,
and only transactions deemed high risk are subject to additional authentication, such as a one-time password.

▼ Brand of the applicable

▼Image of the use
If you select a credit card as your payment method, the credit card company will make a decision when you click the "Place Order" button on the order confirmation page.
If the order is determined to be high risk, you will be presented with an identity verification screen provided by your credit card company.
Once your identity is verified on the identity verification screen using a one-time password or fingerprint authentication, you will proceed to the credit card authorization screen. Once the credit is approved, the order is complete.(If the risk is determined to be low, the identity verification screen will not appear and the order will be completed after credit is granted.)

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