About cancellation and Return

Canceling an order

In the case of
general items

As a rule, at this website we don't allow customers to cancel orders or return items once they have been prepared for shipping even if the customer's personal circumstances have changed.
However, some items can be canceled if done before the shipping preparations are complete.

You can cancel your order You cannot cancel your order

[To customers who use a credit card]
・When the package is being back-ordered, or during the preparation before shipping.

[To customers who use a credit card]
・When the package shipment preparations have finished, or when it has already been shipped

In the case of
items ordered in advance

To cancel items ordered in advance you have 7 full days to contact us. However, if you contact us after this 7 day period, no matter what the reason may be, you won't be able to cancel your pre-ordered item. Furthermore, if your pre-ordered item is already in the status of "being prepared for shipment" or "shipped", you won't have 7 days to cancel your order. Your understanding is appreciated.

Once you have understood the above-mentioned conditions, fill in the inquiry form with your name and order number to contact us if you want to proceed with a cancel.

Shipping charge for returning items to sender

If you don't retrieve your purchase after 15 days of it being sent to you, it will be sent back to us. Returned items count as an automatic canceling of your order.
And any canceled orders due to absence or refusal to accept the item once it has been shipped, as stated above, will require you to pay the packaging and posting fees necessary out of your own account. Your understanding is appreciated.

Replacement of defective items

In cases where the delivered goods are "a defective product" or "different from what was described", you will have 7 full days since the moment of delivery to claim a replacement. When you receive the item, please make sure you check throughly the state it is in.
If you find any imperfections of discrepancies, get in touch with us by filling in the inquiry form with your name and order number, and also writing down what is wrong with the product or what the product should have been like. We will guide you through the item replacement procedure.c
Any shipping costs for the replacement of imperfect items will be payed for by us.
If your desired item is not in stock, we will settle the issue with a repayment.


"Cooling-off" is a system employed in telemarketing and door-to-door selling, but mail-order sales are not obliged to follow it. At our website we don't use a cooling-off system since we provide our customers with access to mail-order sales. We ask you to be aware of this in advance.
Your understanding is appreciated.